About Ashley

My husband, Brett and I.

My husband, Brett and I.

Hi! I’m Ashley, a 26-year-old Nebraska girl living in Wyoming. I was born and raised in the Husker state. I grew up on a farm, graduated with a class of 28 and ventured to the middle of the state to attend college. I met my husband Brett in an English class in college. After creeping me on Facebook and asking me out in the most adorable way possible, I knew this guy was my soulmate. We have so much in common, and I never get tired of spending time with him. We are the parents to one adorable, amazing little boy, Oliver. We have two cats, Mario and Luigi, and two dogs, Pippin and Loki. I am a content manager at a weekly paper in Wyoming and absolutely love it. I get to spend my days reading, writing, editing and designing a newspaper. It’s basically a dream come true for me.

I began blogging in 2012 about relationships for my job. I had an amazing time providing what little advice I could about relationships and talking about my life with Brett. It provided a place for me to continue to write after I became a copy editor, and it brought Brett and I closer together. I absolutely loved writing that blog, but I had the urge to write about other parts of my life and things I love. That’s what brought me here.
This blog will cover a lot of different topics, but here are the parts of life I’m most passionate about and write about frequently:
1. My son and being his mom. I consider being Oliver’s mom the most important role in my life, and I love to talk about him. 🙂 I love everything about him, and navigating motherhood has been a joy and a challenge, and I have loved every moment of it. OK, maybe not when spit-up rolls down my shirt, but it makes for funny stories. 😉
2. My husband. I adore my husband and being married to him. Marriage is amazing, but it also takes a lot of effort to make it work. Whether it’s the good times or the not-so-great times, I want to write about our life and bond.
Loki and Pippin

Loki and Pippin

2. My pets. I’m kind of obsessed with my animals. They are adorable, and I have horrible pet-mom guilt whenever I have to leave them. Animals are amazing, and I’m extremely biased when it comes to my own.
3. My family. I have been extremely blessed to have a pretty amazing family, starting with my parents. They are the most hardworking, caring, giving people I know, and they are my heroes. I also have two wonderful big sisters who have provided me with a gaggle of adorable nieces and nephews to spoil rotten. My family more than doubled in size when I married Brett. I have grown very close to his family, and I’m so happy to have such amazing to people to claim as my relatives. 🙂
4. Entertainment. Movies and television shows are a big part of my life. Brett and I often plan out months in advance for what movies we want to see in theaters. And we have a huge slew of television shows we are addicted to. Whether it’s reviewing a new show or movies, or just talking about my recent obsessions, entertainment is a hot topic for me.
One of my favorite trips, our honeymoon to San Francisco.

One of my favorite trips, our honeymoon to San Francisco.

5. Travel. I don’t get to traverse the globe as much as I would like to, but when I do you can guarantee it will be a topic of conversation!
6. Books. There are so many books out there I want to read, and I feel like I’m constantly buying new books. The list continues to grow, and I will share about what I’m reading, what books I think are worth reading and which aren’t.
7. Food and health. Over the past few years I have made several attempts to start eating healthier and exercise more, but it always seems to taper off after a while. I do think each time I try, I get a little bit better. But I’d like to make it more of a priority in my life. Plus, I love cooking and baking. If I have yummy recipes I have tried out, I’d love to share.
8. Faith. I am a person who is constantly asking questions and never really satisfied until I see an answer in front of my face. Faith in God can be difficult for me sometimes, but as I’m getting older, I’m learning that so many things are out of my hands. I don’t claim to be extremely knowledgeable about Christianity, but I’m learning and aiming to be a better person and Christian with each day I’m given on Earth.
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