My first Mother’s Day


I look tired, but I love this picture of my baby and me. 🙂

Brett, Oliver and I celebrated my first Mother’s Day this weekend. It was simple, low-key and exactly what I wanted. And Brett had the weekend off, which made it even better!

When I got off work Friday, Brett had two cards and my favorite chocolate (Lindt truffles) waiting for me. It was super cute, and his card explained that he set up an appointment for me the following day to get a manicure and pedicure. I was super excited about that! I had been wanting to get a pedicure for a while, but just hadn’t found the time or reason to go.

Brett hadn’t had the best day, and I got off work later than I had planned, so we ended up grabbing Qdoba for supper. I was hoping we could get Oliver to bed early enough that Brett and I could watch a movie together, but my plans didn’t pan out. Oliver has been doing really well at getting to bed for the night around 8 or 8:30. We gave him a bath and got him ready for bed, but the little man wasn’t ready for sleep apparently. By the time we got him to sleep around 9:15, Brett and I were both ready to call it a night. I attempted to stay up for a bit to read, but ended up conking out pretty quickly.

I slept until 7:45 on Saturday (my husband is awesome and wakes up with the little guy when he is home). Brett grabbed us coffee, and we hung out at home before I left for my mani and pedi. I was weirdly nervous for my appointment. I usually go with a friend or family member, so I felt a little awkward by myself. I did feel a little awkward, but it was nice to have some relaxing time away and walk out with pretty hands and feet. 🙂


My pretty manicure! 

On my way home, I grabbed us more coffee (a much-needed part of life nowadays) and we prepared for a trip to the mall and Target. Normally, it doesn’t take too long to get out of the house if we time it right. Once again, our plans didn’t quite work out. Oliver had just fallen asleep when I got home, so we waited for him to wake up. After a nap, a diaper change, a bottle and another diaper change, we were ready to go! An hour after we had hoped. Oh well!

During our excursion, Oliver fell asleep in the car and slept the whole time we were out! I love having him out and about so he can see new sights, but it was also nice to stroll through the mall and Target without worrying about him getting fussy or hungry. We grabbed Jimmy John’s for supper and made it home just as Ollie woke up from his long nap. We settled in to watch one of my favorite shows, “Outlander.” After the show, we got Oliver to bed and we went the same direction. The exciting life of new parents. 🙂

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I got to sleep in! Until 9 a.m.! I haven’t had the chance to sleep in that late for a while. It was glorious. When I woke up, Brett ran and grabbed us coffee and breakfast. Oliver took a long night, so Brett and I lounged, had lunch together and watched Netflix. After a very rainy past few days, the sun finally came out in the afternoon. I got outside to pull some weeds, and we bundled up Ollie and went for a short walk.

Brett offered to make me whatever I wanted for supper, and the only thing that sounded good was tacos. I’m easy to please. 😉 Ollie snoozed on Brett while we watched “Game of Thrones,” and then we were all off to bed early!


Too cute! 

As a mom of a new baby, I have come to realize that nothing really goes according to your plan. As hard as we try to make it work and get out of the house in a timely fashion, a hungry baby with a poopy diaper always needs to be taken care of first. I do miss the days of just dropping everything and being able to get out the door, but these days of Oliver being little are so fleeting. I would much rather just hang out at home listening to his adorable babbling, spending time cuddling him and getting some time to just hang out with my husband. It’s all I really need. 🙂


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