Think before you speak


One of the maternity photos my mom took for us. 🙂

In the early stages of my pregnancy, I was excited to have a baby bump. At the time, I just felt bloated. In my eyes, you couldn’t really tell if I was pregnant or had one too many doughnuts. I was ready to have that cute little baby bump so it was obvious to the world that I have a baby on board.

It took a bit, but by 20 weeks, the baby bump began to make it’s appearance, and I was over the moon. I was still able to fit into most of my prematernity clothes, and I felt comfortable and cute. At 25 weeks, I have noticed a dramatic change in my body. Apparently, other people have as well. And some aren’t afraid to say so. The other day I had someone ask how far along I was. When I told that person, they remarked, “Oh my goodness, you still have a long ways to go yet.” I just smiled and nodded, but something about that comment struck a nerve. I had a doctor’s appointment earlier that week where my belly was measuring at 26 weeks, not 24 weeks. My doctor reassured me that was OK; it could just be the way the little guy is positioned. But after hearing that comment, my pride for the way I look at the moment began to wilt.

The next day, I searched through my closet trying to find a prematernity shirt that may still fit. I know I still have plenty of options, but I was convinced it was all going to be too tight or too short at this point. I opted to wear black with a scarf to make my bump appear a bit smaller.

As I thought more about it throughout the day, I just got angry. I have never disliked the way I look. Over the past few years, I have struggled to lose weight and not loved the number on the scale. But my body is doing something pretty incredible at the moment, and I was excited to flaunt it, until one comment brought me down.

Instead of dwelling on that one comment, and dreading the ones to come, I’m going to focus on the positive. How so many loved ones tell me I’m glowing or the look in Brett’s eyes as he places his hand on my belly and feels our son kick. This is a time I want to look back on and remember fondly. I won’t let it be a time where I’m worried about what people think. I’m sure I’m still going to get annoyed when only maternity clothes fit and wonder if this weight is going to come off after having our little guy. But I’m going to embrace this change, because it’s all for this precious life that we are bringing into the world.

I know I can’t magically make the human populace hold their tongues and only give glowing comments to pregnant ladies, but that doesn’t mean I can’t. I will make sure to tell the next lovely pregnant lady I see that she looks fantastic. She may have heard it a dozen times or hasn’t heard it at all, but I know that at whatever stage she is in, a little reminder that she is still beautiful can be music to the ears.


2 thoughts on “Think before you speak

  1. Sharon Tjaden-Glass says:

    For some reason, some people say stupid stuff to pregnant women. It’s like the bump invites them to give their opinions. Pregnancy does an amazing job of making everything about your body open for public discussion. Don’t feel badly about telling big mouthed people to back off 🙂


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