To my husband

One of my favorite photos from our wedding! Courtesy of Deb Hughes Photography.

One of my favorite photos from our wedding! Courtesy of Deb Hughes Photography.

It’s hard to believe that on this day three years ago, we became husband and wife. There are days when I feel like I have known you my whole life, and then there are days when it seems like just yesterday you caught me as I tripped over my wedding dress as we prepared to leave the altar. Thanks for that by the way. I know I can always count on you to catch me when I fall. Literally.

As far as husbands go, I truly believe you are the best there is. But you are even more than that. You are truly one of the best in humanity I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I still gaze at you in wonder when you selflessly offer to help someone move a couch or willingly give a few dollars to a charity when asked at a restaurant, grocery store, etc. Before you, I probably would have glanced at that poor guy trying to move a couch by himself and go on my merry way. I usually turned down the opportunity to donate $1 to charitable organizations that need assistance. I never thought my little part would make a difference, but you have shown me that it can.

You open the door for others at restaurants and stores, even if they don’t say thank you. You happily help older people with their groceries bags. If you lived in a big city, I know you would be the guy to help an old lady cross the street. That’s just the way you are.

And that’s just the kindness you show to strangers. When it comes to the people (or animals) you love, there is no stopping you. I will never forget the day you ran out of the house with no shirt or shoes on to take our cat to the vet after he got stuck under the recliner. You didn’t think twice about doing whatever it took to make sure he was OK.

After Brett rescued this guy, they have been inseparable!

After Brett rescued this guy, they have been inseparable!

When it comes to me, well let’s say I never imagined I would have a husband like you. A husband who is never embarrassed by anything, who loves to show his affection wherever we go, who will happily pinch my tush if I walk in front of him (even if we are in the grocery store), who whips up some of the best meals I have ever had, who buys me flowers and gifts for no particular reason but to make me smile. But you are more than that. When some minuscule thing is worrying me, it’s like you can read my mind and know what to say or do to help me destress. I can talk to you for hours and it’s never enough time. I can be sprawled out on the couch in sweat pants, messy hair and glasses, and you still tell me I’m beautiful. You care about my opinions, my hopes and my dreams, and you are always encouraging me to pursue whatever my heart desires. Sometimes, it’s like you have more faith and confidence in me than I have in myself.

Three years later and still going on adventures!

Three years later and still going on adventures!

And most of all, you are my better half. We have so many of the same interests, whether it’s snuggling on the couch watching “How I Met Your Mother” or “The Office” for the zillionth time, or finding a new movie to watch in theaters. There is no other person who shares all my goofy passions like you do. And I love you even more for that.

As we embark on this next adventure, I know it’s going to be the most challenging yet. But I also know it’s going to be the most rewarding. Being able to be a parent with you is something I can only dream about right now, but I already know that no one will surpass you as a father, because you have already proven to me each day that you are the best there is and ever will be. And I feel beyond blessed that I get to call you mine.

Happy anniversary, babe. I love you!


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