My favorite things of fall

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love how the air is crisp in the mornings, the trees are an array of glorious colors, leaves crunch under your feet, and it’s the perfect time to cuddle on the couch with hot coffee or cider. It’s basically bliss. 🙂

While my favorite things are not necessarily related to fall, I feel like it’s long overdue to talk about what I’m loving at the moment.

  • “Queen of the Tearling” by Erika Johansen. I started reading this during our travels in August, and I was hooked. I immediately went online and purchased the second book. The novel follows Princess Kelsea Raleigh Glynn as she comes to power in the Tearling. She is strong, stubborn, compassionate and an all-around badass. If you enjoy fantasy, magic and an awesome female protagonist, I encourage you to read this book.
I love how our cute bedroom!

I love our cute bedroom!

  • Loretta Quilted Coverlet Set. I love the quilt set we had on our bed for the summer, but it’s incredibly light, and we have been using an extra blanket during the chillier, fall nights. After browsing, I found this gorgeous coverlet set. I love that the pattern is bright and cheerful, but warm for Wyoming winters.

  • Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. I’m a stomach sleeper. I know, I know. It’s definitely not considered the ideal sleeping position, but it’s what I have always preferred. I didn’t have too big of a problem sleeping on my stomach, until my baby bump starting appearing, thus sleeping on my stomach is uncomfortable/impossible. My superhero husband came to the rescue and bought me this divine pillow! It basically cradles me like a giant baby, and I am able to sleep easier on my side with that extra cushion and support.
  • BeMaternity by Ingrid & Isabel BeBand. I’m at the point in my pregnancy where I can still fit into my jeans, but trying to button them is becoming uncomfortable. I’m not ready to break down and buy maternity jeans, so I bought the BeBand to help hold up my pants. I bought it in black so it basically looks like I’m wearing a long camisole. If it doesn’t feel quite like it’s doing the job, try looping a rubberband or hairband through your button hole and around the button. Throw the BeBand on top, and your pants should stay secure.

  • “Parenthood” on Netflix. This show actually ended it’s run earlier this year, but I just began watching it on Netflix, and it’s wonderful. It follows the Braverman family as the four adult siblings navigate marriage/relationships, careers and, of course, parenthood. It’s funny, bittersweet, sad and realistic. I’m hooked!
  • Pinkblush Maternity. I have been able to find some pretty cute maternity items at places like Target and Herberger’s, but there isn’t a huge variety, and I still want to be able to dress up and feel cute while pregnant. I stumbled across Pinkblush on Pinterest, and I fell in love with the variety, style and affordability of the clothes they offer. I’m always a little nervous buying clothes from a new store online, but I’m so glad I did. Everything I purchased fit well and was so cute. Plus, the store also offers nonmaternity clothes for women, as well. I’m sure I will be shopping here quite often in the future.

4 thoughts on “My favorite things of fall

    • bebsgirl1 says:

      I absolutely love the pillow! It did take me a couple of nights to get used to it, but it definitely helps you to transition to sleeping on your side. I highly recommend it.
      And I’m obsessed with “Parenthood,” too! I blazed my way through the first season in about three days.


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