Let’s go on vacation!

When it comes to vacations, Brett and I often fly by the seat of our pants. We usually have a basic idea of what we want to do, but we also tend to go with the flow and discover cool ways to spend our time when we arrive at our destination.

On our first major vacation together to San Francisco – our honeymoon – we purchased tickets to go to Alcatraz before our trip, and we knew we wanted to see sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, ride a trolley and visit Chinatown.

Brett posing at the entrance of Chinatown.

Brett posing at the entrance of Chinatown.

We didn’t plan to visit the California Academy of Sciences, go on a whale watching tour, tour the Aquarium of the Bay, eat fish and chips while watching the sea lions at Pier 39 or have ice cream in Ghirardelli Square. But we did, and it was amazing!

Enjoying our whale watching boat ride in the San Francisco Bay.

Enjoying our whale watching boat ride in the San Francisco Bay.

One of our favorite parts of our trip: the sea lions!

One of our favorite parts of our trip: the sea lions!

On our last trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, I had high hopes to go parasailing. But the weather didn’t cooperate. I was pretty bummed, but we made the most of our time there and discovered so much in a short trek to Roanoke Island. We toured the Elizabethan Gardens and Roanoke Island Festival Park.

The gorgeous Elizabethan Gardens and my handsome husband. :)

The gorgeous Elizabethan Gardens and my handsome husband. 🙂

Plus, we spent way more time than I thought we would swimming in the ocean and strolling the beach. We didn’t have a lot of plans, and I loved it.

Being goofy on the beach!

Being goofy on the beach!

It will be a little different for our upcoming vacation. We had planned since the beginning of the year to attend Brett’s sister’s wedding in New York state. Once I realized how close the site of her wedding was to where my sister lives in Pennsylvania (about a five-hour drive), we scheduled a few extra days to spend with my sister.

We soon had to decide which airport we would fly into, if we needed to rent a car, whether or not we wanted to hit up some big destination spots while were in the area (New York City, Jersey Shore, Boston, etc.) and how long we wanted to stay. This stressed me out a bit. I have never rented a car before and had no clue how pricey it can be. I really dread layovers and wanted to find an airline where we could have a direct flight. Luckily, I talked with my sister-in-law and sister and got some great advice. My sister-in-law advised us to fly in and out of the same airport in order to avoid crazy rental car fees. My sister suggested flying Southwest Airlines into Baltimore, an hour drive from her house and also a direct flight to and from our destination. Score!

Now, on to the fun stuff! Once we arrive in Baltimore, we plan to hang out at my sister’s until the next day when we will drive to New York for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. I had high hopes to visit New York City or Boston while we were in the area, but with a limited amount of time and a lot more driving to add to our schedule, we decided it would be a little more relaxing to just enjoy our time in Pennsylvania. After the wedding festivities, I wanted to take an alternate route to return to my sister’s house. Turns out we can drive through Scranton, PA (where “The Office” takes place) and only add about 30 minutes to our drive. Score No. 2!

With two days left at my sister’s house, we are planning to check out Gettysburg and the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I have been to the aquarium before, but Brett hasn’t been there and I know he will love it.

I wasn’t expecting to have a trip filled with windshield time and traversing four states on the east coast. But the closer we get to our vacation, the more excited I am about what we have planned and that we get to spend this joyous time with our family! Plus, road trips where Brett and I blare music, have random conversations and see amazing sites are truly the best. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Let’s go on vacation!

  1. stacey says:

    Ashley, awesome writing. Thinking of joining you for your planned trip sounds so fun especially the blaring music and odd conversations! Cant wait to see you and Brett! Be safe on your travels.


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