Fourth of July Festivities

fourth dad

My dad and I on the Fourth of July.

My mom and I on the Fourth of July.

My mom and I on the Fourth of July.

I hope everyone had a fantastic and festive Fourth of July! Mine was full of fun, time with family, fireworks and great food.

Brett had to work the entire weekend, and I didn’t get to spend as much time with him as I would have liked. I had Friday off, so I took the day to get some errands done before I left town Saturday. I cleaned around the house, had lunch with Brett, did some shopping at Target and Bath and Body Works and washed my car. Did you know they have many original scents back at BBW, and they are on clearance!? I was ecstatic and stocked up!

Because we weren’t going to see much of each other over the weekend, Brett and I went out to dinner at his favorite restaurant, Shogun. After dinner, the weather was gorgeous so we picked up our dogs, rolled the windows down and went for a long drive. We ventured out of town to the east of Casper and saw some gorgeous scenery as the sun began to set. Why we didn’t take photos, I’m not sure, but it was breathtaking!

On Saturday, I made the drive back to my hometown in Nebraska. Brett had to work the evening on the Fourth of July, and my best friend was also going to be home. I hate leaving my hubby behind, but I wanted to spend some time with my family and bestie over the holiday. We spent the day at the lake, soaking up some sun, chatting and swimming. It was heavenly. 🙂

After our afternoon at the lake, my parents and I had dinner at Chili’s and went fireworks shopping. There is a ban on fireworks in Casper, and our Fourth of July last year was pretty underwhelming. I completely understand the reasoning behind the ban, but the Fourth of July is not the same without sparklers, artillery shells and fountains. I was giddy to be able to light off fireworks this year.



My niece and nephews are at such a fun age. They love to help wherever they can and scream in delight when there are explosions in the sky. It’s so adorable to watch their faces. Plus, they still like giving hugs and hanging out with me. 🙂

On Sunday, my parents and I lounged around, chatting and watching TV. We grabbed lunch at Runza (my favorite) and I headed back to Casper.

Time spent with my family is my favorite. It went by way too fast, but I’m looking forward to spending more time back home later this summer!


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