Sharing my brightest hopes and darkest fears

I have been blogging for about three years. It started out as a part of my job, but it was something I found so much joy in doing. I wrote about my life with my husband and handed out what little relationship advice I had gathered in our years together.

After moving away and starting a new job, I was ready for something fresh. Hence, the beginning of this blog. And I have shared some fairly personal parts of my life. I have talked about my relationship with Brett and my family, adventures and trips we have taken, and the ups and downs I have encountered during adulthood. But throughout my blogging days, I usually keep the deep, dark stuff to myself. There are just some aspects of life I keep private.

Recently, Brett and I have been dealing with something I felt I needed to write about for my own sanity. After two years of marriage, we both felt the time was right to start a family. It’s supposed to be fun and easy, right? No, not always. And I knew that could happen, but that hasn’t stopped my control freak self from having a few meltdowns. I have tried to put on a happy face, and I thought pursuing a new endeavor would help.

I have followed the website, Her View From Home, for a few years. It’s a place where wonderful women (and many are fellow Nebraska gals!) write about their life, loves, passions, kids, faith and so much more. I feel like I know many of the writers because I have followed their stories for so many years. There are stories that are deeply personal and heart wrenching. And there are stories that are insightful, hilarious and uplifting. I have received so much inspiration from these ladies, and I wanted to be a part of it. After sending in a submission about wanting to write for the site, I was invited to write an original piece.

When I saw the word “original,” my mind drew a blank. What the heck do I write about that all these readers would find interesting? Brett encouraged me to write about what has been plaguing our lives for the past few months. I knew he was right. But putting what is going on with my heart, my mind and my body for hundreds (or thousands) to read is scary. I analyzed my post for over a week. I considered writing something else, until finally I took a deep gulp of air and pushed send.

This is new for me, but it’s also liberating. I don’t know how others will react to what I have written, but at the very least I hope to provide some hope or inspiration to others. And while putting it out there for the universe to see might not solve the problem, it might give one person the strength to keep going.

Read my first post for Her View From Home here.


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