Let’s go to the movies!

Brett is excited movie season has started!

Brett is excited movie season has started!

It’s summer, and in our house that means movie season! Brett and I are movie buffs, and we tend to go to the theater at least once a week in the summer.

Our season kicked off last month, and we are in full movie-watching mode! Casper recently opened a new cinema that has huge screens, amazing sound, reclining seats, freshly made doughnuts, ice cream, etc.! It’s fantastic.

My laid-back movie going attire: sweatpants and slippers!

My laid-back, movie-going attire: sweatpants and slippers!

Here are the movies we have seen so far and what I thought of each one:

  • “Age of Adaline.” I’m a sucker for romantic films, and this movie was stacked full of actors I love (Harrison Ford, Blake Lively and Michiel Huisman). The movie had an interesting premise and the acting was great, but it moved a little too slowly for my taste. I would recommend watching this at home.
  • “Furious 7.” I will tell you right now that I think these movies have gotten incredibly ridiculous with each new one released. I have a hard time suspending my belief to think a couple of teeny cars can pull down a jumbo jet. Mmmk, sure. However, they are fun to watch in theaters. There is a ton of crazy, out-of-this-world action sequences and I thought they did a beautiful job of honoring Paul Walker’s memory. I had a lump in my throat by the end. Check this out if you are looking for a fun time at the movies.
  • “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Brett was extremely pumped for this one. I’m one of the oddballs who wasn’t obsessed with the first “The Avengers.” Action is great, but I felt like that’s all there was happening. Lots of explosions, demolition and fighting. That’s great, as long as the story is solid. “Age of Ultron” suffered from the same ailment as its predecessor. It’s a fun movie to see in theaters because of the intense action sequences, but I like the individual superhero stories better for their focus on and development of individual characters. I’m still hoping Black Widow will get her own movie soon…
  • “Ex Machina.” I tend to scroll through IMDB and watch trailers of upcoming movies. This is how I stumbled upon “Ex Machina.” It was something that I thought Brett would love. I wasn’t sure it would come to theaters here, but when it did, we had to go. I had theories from the very beginning about the plot, but I was wrong and I like that! I love movies that surprise me. It also had Brett and I getting into very philosophical conversations on our drive home. It’s definitely something I would recommend watching.
  • “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Whoa! This movie is mad, just as the title implies. But in a splendid, heart-pounding and spellbinding way. From the very beginning, I was entranced by not only the action sequences, but this horrific world the characters live in. I thought Tom Hardy was superb (duh, it’s Tom Hardy), but this was Charlize Theron’s show. She was strong, determined, vulnerable and a complete badass. It is so worth watching in theaters, we will probably go again!
  • “Pitch Perfect 2.” I saw “Pitch Perfect” three times in theaters. It’s so good! It’s full of sass, humor, wit and catchy songs. And I think my husband likes it just as much, if not more than me. 😉 The sequel was hilarious, and the renditions of popular songs were blissful. I absolutely loved the Bellas new rivals, Das Sound Machine! It has me hoping there were will be a “Pitch Perfect 3” in the future.

It’s only May, so you know there are many more movies to come. Here are the movies I’m looking forward to this summer:

What movies are you most excited to see this summer?


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