Live the rest of your life right now



Have you ever stared into your significant other’s eyes and said, “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!” I know I have said it multiple times to Brett. And it’s so, so very true. I’m ecstatic to be spending my life with this incredible man, and I’m excited to see what our future holds. But instead of always looking forward to what is going to happen next, why don’t we enjoy the beautiful moments we have right now?

As my hubby and I begin planning for the next step in our lives (expanding our brood!), I’m eager for that next step to happen ASAP. I have no patience, and I like being able to do things myself. If it’s in my power to make it happen, you can be certain I will get it done. When i think something is right, I’m convinced there is no other possible path. As you can probably tell, I’m not exactly a ball of fun when I don’t get my way. Time and time again, God has laughed when I make plans. When I think everything is hopeless and nothing I wanted will ever come true, He provides me with a new venture that is better than I could have imagined. There is a reason the big man upstairs is in charge, and I am not.

So instead of constantly wanting the next big thing to happen immediately and being downtrodden when it doesn’t materialize in an instant, I’m pushing myself to live in this moment. These days of being able to take risks, to go on spur-of-the-moment trips, to go to late-night movies, to binge-watch TV shows and read a book for hours uninterrupted may be limited. I should enjoy these moments while I have them.

When I say I’m “pushing” myself to live in the moment, I mean that. It’s not a feeling I wake up with each day. I often have to take a few moments and just remind myself what an amazing life I have. Being negative has never helped me in any situation. (Although sometimes having a good, long cry can make you feel better, oddly enough.)

Looking forward to the future is a wonderful thing. I will not discourage anyone for being optimistic and excited for what is to come. But remember, there was a point in your life when you were looking forward to the days you are living right now. If that “future” doesn’t come to you as quickly as you hope, there is a reason for that. I don’t know what that reason is, but I know it is not in our hands. So relish each day you are given in this chapter of life. You won’t ever get it back.




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