What I’m watching, and you should, too!

Thanks to Netflix and Hulu, it always seems like I’m discovering a new show to binge-watch.

Here are my latest finds that I’m obsessed with:



“Being Human” (UK version). My mom had watched the U.S. Syfy version of “Being Human.” It sounded kind of weird, but I recently stumbled across the UK BBC version of the show. I watched the first episode, and while it was quite strange, it was also very engrossing. Brett began watching episodes with me, and we are both hooked. The show follows a vampire, werewolf and ghost living together in Bristol while they try to maintain their humanity. But of course, everything that can go wrong, usually does. You can watch “Being Human” on Netflix and Hulu.



“The Last Man on Earth.” I convinced Brett to watch this show with me, and we both absolutely love it. It follows the exploits of Phil Miller, who is seemingly the last man on Earth living in Tucson, Arizona. Phil is ridiculous, but you can’t help but root for him. Each episode adds in some new twist that throws all of Phil’s plans out the window. “The Last Man on Earth” airs on Fox, and you can also watch it on Hulu.



“iZombie.” “iZombie” is one show that is a little weird, but wonderful at the same time. Liv Moore is a medical resident who becomes a zombie after an outbreak at a party she attends. She begins working in a morgue and with a detective solving murders. The real kicker: She eats the victims’ brains and gets flashes into their life to discover how they met their demise. “iZombie” airs on the CW and is available on Hulu.



“Bloodline.” I have to admit, this show took me a little bit to get into. It wasn’t something I sat down and watched in a few days. I described it to Brett as a “slow burn.” After the first few episodes, I was itching to know what the heck is going on with this family. It follows a group of siblings in the Florida Keys who seem to have an idyllic life until their oldest brother returns after years away, and it all begins to unravel. “Bloodline” is available on Netflix.

What are shows that you think are worth binge-watching? 


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