When the going gets rough, try these relationship tips!

I can’t think of a time in life that isn’t really hectic or chaotic at some point. For every quiet, relaxing day, there are six days filled to the brim with work, appointments, meetings, etc. On top of that, we try to squeeze in time with friends, family, our pets, not to mention time for one another.

I’m not going to lie, it gets tough. My schedule changed recently, and I have been working three days and two nights a week. It hasn’t caused major upheaval, but it has taken a little bit of time to become accustomed to a new routine. Luckily, I have a fantastic husband who picks up the slack when I’m not around. I would be a frazzled mess without him.

While I by no means am an expert in marriage and relationships, there are a few things that have helped Brett and I keep our lives in working order while still finding time for one another:

1. Use what time you have to see your significant other. There are days where I wouldn’t see Brett at all if I didn’t make it a point to see him. We go out to lunch together before I head to work and when he has a break. He will bring me Starbucks when he gets off work, and I take a quick break to hang out with him for a bit. He also brings me dinner when I can’t take a break. It’s not glamorous, but any time you can get together is valuable! And those days or nights when you get more than just an hour together, enjoy them!

2. Share the weight of responsibilities. To all you control freak ladies and gentleman out there, I’m talking to you. I fall into that category, and there are still household chores I won’t let Brett do (laundry is off limits!). However, if you ask for help, I’m going to bet your partner will be willing to lend a hand. Brett is a terrific cook and is more than happy to cook a few nights out of the week. And while he helps me out, I try to return the favor by helping with yard work or fixing little things around the house I know I can do myself.

3. Plan fun activities and down time. I have a habit of packing our weekends full of weekend getaways and/or time with friends and family. I wouldn’t trade these moments for the world, but it’s also nice to just be home with absolutely nothing planned. Sleep in. Go to brunch. Catch a matinee. Or just spend the entire weekend in bed watching Netflix. Do what you love. You deserve it!

4. Make sure to have plenty of face time. I strongly encourage sending each other a nice text during the day or calling for a quick chat over lunch, but being able to look in each other’s eyes and have a real conversation is priceless. Whether you are at home making dinner or out on a date, make sure you find a few times during the week to have face-to-face conversations.

5. Show your affection. Brett and I are pretty lovey-dovey, so this isn’t too difficult, but sometimes we don’t take the time to give each other a good, long hug. Hugs are the best! If you come home to someone who is going to give you a bear hug or smother you in kisses, I’m sure your day will be much brighter!


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