Ashley’s Favorite Things

Some of my favorite blog posts from fellow bloggers are about what items they are loving right now. So I came up with a few things I’m obsessing over at the moment!

I like to make smoothies for breakfast, and the blender I bought in college is a pretty sad excuse for a blender. So for Christmas, Brett bought me a NutriBullet. It is amazing! It blends almost anything into a smooth, delicious concoction. Plus, I have been able to get way more fruit in my diet this way. My next goal is to try my hand at green smoothies.
xbox fitness


Xbox Fitness
I don’t love working out, but Xbox Fitness makes it really easy to roll out of bed and get in a quick workout. There are a large variety of free workouts and many are only 10-20 minutes. I can’t say I don’t have time to work out when it only takes 10 minutes.

I’m sure I’m way behind on this one, but after purchasing a flight via Expedia last year, I began getting their emails filled with deals and coupon codes. I usually trash those pretty quickly, but then I started paying closer attention to what they were offering. One email had a coupon code for $50 off a hotel stay! Brett and I we saved $50 on our hotel in Billings by booking through Expedia and using the coupon. Score! 🙂
Huffington Post

Huffington Post

“Happy Valley” on Netflix
When Brett works on the weekends, I’m usually lounging around the house with the dogs and cats. Netflix is also a great companion. I think all things from the UK are pretty amazing, and “Happy Valley” is no different. I watched all six episodes within 24 hours, and I still can’t stop thinking about it. It’s a gripping and emotional crime drama that follows a feisty, protective cop trying to solve a kidnapping. I’m trying to persuade Brett to watch it so I have an excuse to watch it again!

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