Weekend Getaway: Billings, Mont.

I love taking quick trips on the weekends. Granted, it’s not always long enough, but it gives you enough time away from home to feel like a mini-vacation and not spend a ton of money. Hotels, eating out, etc., can put a pretty big dent in your wallet!
Brett and I have never been to Montana, and Billings is only a four-hour drive from our home. I began researching about places to see and things to do a few weeks before we left. I found a great deal on a hotel and even used a coupon to get $50 off of our stay!
We both got off work a little early Friday and made the drive to Montana. By the time we go into town, we were pretty tired. So we just found our hotel and called it a night.
Brett looking cute on top of the Rimrocks. :)

Brett looking cute on top of the Rimrocks. 🙂

On Saturday, we got up fairly early and found our way to the top of the Rimrocks in Billings. It was incredibly windy, but the view was gorgeous! We walked around for a while, but the wind had us heading back to the car before long. After making our way back into town, we made it a priority to hit the two bookstores in town, Barnes and Noble and Hastings. There is only one bookstore in Casper, and it is tiny! Being able to stroll around these giant stores and browsing through books was like therapy for me. 🙂
burger dive

My lunch at the Burger Dive.

For lunch, we headed to one of the top-ranked restaurants in Billings, the Burger Dive. It was only two blocks from our hotel, so we strolled through downtown Billings to the restaurant. What the restaurant’s building lacked in pizzazz, it made up for in food and service. I highly recommend checking this place out if you are ever in Billings.
After lunch, we did a little more shopping. I had planned for us to go out for a fancy dinner, but we were both beat. I’m not sure what it is about vacations, but I’m always ready for bed by at 8 p.m.
The next morning we had breakfast at a local bakery called Stella’s (also conveniently close to our hotel). Brett had an enormous pancake, and I had French toast. It was delicious!
Taking a selfie near Sheridan!

Taking a selfie near Sheridan!

We decided to leave town early in order to have some time to relax at home. The drive from Billings to Casper was spectacular! It was by far one of my favorite parts of the trip. We stopped a few times along the way to enjoy the view of the Bighorn Mountains.
It was wonderful to get out of town and visit a new place with Brett. Next destination for spring, or so I hope: Yellowstone National Park!

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