What I think you should be watching, Part II

cuddle buddies

This is how I like to watch TV. 🙂

OK, so I think it’s obvious at this point that I watch a lot of television. But many of these shows air at different times throughout the year, so there is that. 🙂 Here is the second part of my must-watch list:

  1. “Call the Midwife.” I never, ever thought I would like PBS broadcasting so much! I do love “Downton Abbey,” but “Call the Midwife” is another gem on PBS that doesn’t get as much hype. The show follows young nurses in the 1950s providing care to expectant mothers and their babies in East London. The acting is superb, and each week focuses on new patients with a unique story. The bonds the young nurses form with their patients are endearing. Plus, there are always comedic moments throughout the show. I usually wind up giggling or crying. It’s that type of show. “Call the Midwife” airs on PBS.

  2. “The Walking Dead.” I jumped on this bandwagon pretty late in the game. I watched the first season with Brett when it first came out a few years ago. I thought it was OK but didn’t love it. I’m not sure what changed, but I recently binge-watched four seasons in two weeks. I don’t love gore, but what is most interesting about this show is how humans react when the world is turned topsy-turvy. The zombies are pretty disgusting, but how these survivors react to their surroundings and to each other is what makes this show engrossing. Each season has some fresh horrors to deal with it, and it keeps getting grittier and juicier. “The Walking Dead” can be viewed on Netflix and AMC.

  3. Sherlock. And yet another wonderful show from the UK. The best part of this show has to be the chemistry and camaraderie between Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin Freeman). It is so fun to watch them solve wacky, intricate crimes. Each episode is about an hour and a half long, but there are only three episodes in each season. It’s torture getting through it so quickly and then waiting for the next season to come along. “Sherlock” is available on Netflix, PBS or BBC America.

  4. “Grantchester.” I actually haven’t even watched the entire first episode yet, but I can already tell this is going to be a good one! It follows a young clergyman in England who ends up investigating a murder in his town. If you like “Downton Abbey” or “Sherlock,” I’m pretty sure you will like this! It airs on PBS.
  5. And last but not least, Parks and Recreation. Brett and I watched the first couple of seasons of “Parks and Rec” a few years ago, but stopped watching after a while. I have no clue why because it is hilarious! If you liked the style of “The Office,” you more  than likely will love this show. There is always something wacky happening in the Parks and Recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana, and every character is amazing and funny. “Parks and Recreation” can be viewed on Netflix and NBC.


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