What I think everyone should be watching on TV right now

I know it’s completely cheesy to say, but I feel like being with Brett has brought out my true self, which is a pretty big movie, television and book nerd. A lot of television shows I have become obsessed with are his suggestions. With access to Netflix, Hulu and so many channels on cable, there are so many shows to pick from! I used to watch a lot of reality television, but now I find myself drawn to shows that make me think and that I can absorb myself in for an hour (or hours if it’s on Netflix. Binge-watching, here I come!) Because I love lists and I like to share my opinion on what I think is awesome, here is what I think everyone should be watching on TV right now, in no particular order. My suggestions got a little lengthy, so check back later this week for the next half!

  1. “Orange is the New Black.” If you haven’t watched this, get out from under that rock you are living in and please dive in! The characters in this show are so diverse and have incredible backstories. Each episode shines a light on a character’s life before they were in prison. While these women are criminals, this show portrays them as complicated, real human beings. The acting and storylines are fantastic. You can catch this show on Netflix.
  2. “Orphan Black.” I don’t think I have ever watched a show where after each episode ended, I was left with my mouth gaping. The lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, plays a variety of clones trying to decipher the conspiracy of how they came to be, all the while forming close bonds with one another. It will leave your heart pounding, scratching your head and wanting to watch the next episode immediately! It airs on BBC America.

  3. “Outlander.” I love historic and fantasy films, books, etc. This show combines the two as well as adding some pretty great romance. I have read the first two books in the series, and the show follows the book very closely. Claire is a married combat nurse in 1945, trying to reconnect with her husband after World War II. She is mysteriously transported back in time to 1743 and is swept into the historic events happening in Scotland at the time. It’s a beautiful story set in a beautiful place. Plus, Claire’s love interest in 1743 has a fantastic accent and is easy to watch for an hour each week. 😉 “Outlander” airs on Starz.

  4. “Doctor Who.” This show is one of those fandoms that could go back to the ‘60s. I, however, have not been around that long and have only watched the reboot that began in 2005. It took some time for me to get into it, but because Brett liked it, I gave it a chance. I’m so happy I did! It’s full of adventure, wit, love, history, time traveling and complex, overlapping storylines. If you hate change (yeah, that’s me), this could be a hard show to adapt to. After a few years, the doctor usually regenerates — meaning a whole new actor comes in to play the Doctor. However, this often helps keep the show fresh and exciting. If you enjoy science fiction or fantasy, I’m sure you will love the Doctor. “Doctor Who” is available on Netflix and BBC America.

  5. “The Mindy Project.” I loved “The Office,” and I’m not sure why I didn’t watch Mindy Kaling’s — who appeared in, wrote, directed and produced “The Office” — new show right off the bat. It took some prodding from my best friend, Kendal, to get me to watch it. Needless to say, I binge-watched the first season in two days. It follows Mindy, an OBGYN, working in a practice with three male coworkers. Mindy is hilarious and fabulous. She can be terribly obnoxious and outrageous, but she speaks her mind and doesn’t conform to people’s opinions. I love that! Plus, her supporting cast is equally funny, and there are always snort-inducing one-liners. “The Mindy Project” can be viewed on Fox or Hulu.


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